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Finns Bed & Breakfast is owned and managed by Mikkel Lentz, who bought the house in 2019 from Finn Bredahl Jørgensen.

Mikkel is married to Rikke, who is busy growing ecological flowers in Hillerød during the summer of 2019.


Apart of managing and hosting Finns B&B, Mikkel works as a professional musician.

Once in a while during the summer, Mikkel & Rikke will be away for a day or two, and then Inge will be your hostess. Inge is very sweet, and she used to have her own B&B.

Having such a fine house in Skagen is a true gift, and we feel great joy in sharing this with our guests.

Our hope is that, the house will feel like your own home, and that the unique 

atmosphere will add a little extra dimension to your stay here in Skagen.

   We wish to facilitate a place where you can relax, either in your room, in the living rooms or in the garden. That Finns is a  B&B, where you just enjoy to spend your time. - Even on a rainy day.

"The dream of being able to someday buy Finns B&B began in 2015, where my wife, Rikke, and I decided to spend our honeymoon at Finns B&B. For many years - on our way to Vippefyret - we often stopped in front of the wood house on Østre 

Strandvej - and curiously studied the house. We dreamed of seeing the house from the inside, and so after being married in 2014 we chose to spend our honeymoon there. 

After being welcomed by Finn in the old hallway, we fell in love with the 

fantastic atmosphere of the house.  


The 3 days we spent in The Counts Lounge, we felt like living in another world - another time.

During a chat with Finn, he told us the house would be up for sale, and there we started dreaming of buying the house. Here in 2019 we still pinch our arms, when realising that our dream has come true.

We are very honoured to be trusted 

the house by Palle and Finn. And looking so much forward to open the doors once again for old as well as new guests in 2019."







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